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Get your professional job done with comfort and ease by choosing this Leviton Outdoor Load Center Meter Main Combo with Main Breaker.
Fast Install- All plug on design: complete all wiring at rough-in
Safe - Features that exceed UL requirements
Smart ready - Monitor energy, remote trip breakers and more

200 Amp 30-Space Outdoor Load Center Meter Main Combo with Main Breaker

SKU: 078477822357
  • Product Details

    Leviton is proud to bring the Load Center into the 21st century with a focus on improved safety and ease of installation. Thanks to its revolutionary design, all hot and neutral wires terminate at custom lugs in the panel, rather than at the circuit breaker*, which allows the entire panel to be wired at rough-in. Branch circuit breakers are simply plugged-in at final installation, increasing jobsite efficiency. Leviton all-in-one Load Centers provide a meter socket, main breaker, and a selection of either 30 or 42 spaces in one easy to install unit to meet the needs of any job.
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