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Add a wow look to your patio space by using Commercial Electric Ultra Slim Color Selectable New Construction and Remodel Canless Recessed Integrated LED Kit.
Easily adjust the light's color temperature from warm to cool
Canless design allows for easy install, even in tight spaces
Ideal for your shower, bathroom, kitchen and outdoor soffits

6 in. Selectable CCT Integrated LED Retrofit Ultra-Slim White Recessed Light Tri

SKU: 058219918470
  • Product Details

    Commercial Electric's ENERGY STAR 6 in. Integrated LED Retrofit Slim Look Recessed Lighting Kit is the easiest way to bring old outdated recessed lighting into the modern world. Equipped with a standard E26 base adapter you can change your lights easily and without worry. It's as easy as changing a light bulb. Simply remove the existing bulb and trim from your recessed can and replace it with the retrofit kit to instantly have money saving, energy efficient lighting throughout your home. Compatible with most standard 6 in. recessed housing. An integrated color changing switch is located on the back of the light so you can choose between 2700, 3000, 3500, 4000 or 5000 Kelvin to best suit your needs. 2700 or 3000 Kelvin is perfect for relaxing, 3500 or 4000 Kelvin is the ideal choice for everyday affairs and 5000 Kelvin is great for task lighting in a basement, hallway or work area.
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