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Upgrade your electrical application with the help of this Square D QO Main Lugs Load Center with Cover Value Pack.
Less wiring, clean gutter, fast installation with plug-on neutral
Compatible with any QO circuit breaker (except CTL Tandems)
Includes breakers, cover, ground bar and shielded copper bus bar

QO 125 Amp 24-Space 24-Circuit Main Lugs Load Center with Cover- Value Pack

SKU: 785901751267
  • Product Details

    The Square D by Schneider Electric QO Value-pack 125 Amp 24-Space 24-Circuit Indoor Convertible Main Lug Load Center for Plug-on Neutral breakers includes the cover, ground bar and a selection of breakers. It is UL Listed for residential, commercial and industrial power distribution. This load center is built with a shielded, copper bus bar that is plated for reliability. QO load centers are tested and Listed only for QO circuit breakers. QO load centers are the World's Finest designed with industry leading features for flexible application. QO load centers include features engineered for fast installation and wire savings.
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