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Single Family Home
Saratoga, CA.

Tesla Solutions executed comprehensive electrical installations for a newly built single-family residence in picturesque Saratoga. Our role encompassed every facet, from groundwork to lighting, ensuring a seamless electrical infrastructure.

As the residence took shape, our expertise shone in installing a spectrum of cutting-edge electrical components. This included outlets, switches, and circuitry that forms the backbone of everyday life, efficiently energizing appliances, entertainment systems, and climate control. The installation of an advanced lighting system was a standout feature, bathing the home in warm, welcoming radiance.

The heart of our work lay in shaping the home's intelligence. We integrated a range of smart devices, offering seamless control over lighting, climate, and security, exemplifying the home's modernity.

In the sanctuary of the Saratoga single-family home, every electrical element harmoniously blends with the architectural vision. It is a testament to our dedication and precision in providing comprehensive electrical solutions from the ground up.

Bohlman Road Saratoga.jpg

Intarcia Therapeutics Manufacturing Facility

Intarcia Therapeutics is a maker of state-of-the-art drug delivery systems. The implantable DUROS product one day may revolutionize the treatment for type 2 diabetes, hepatitis C, and obesity. Intarcia currently has several products that have reached stage 2 and stage 3 clinical trials.

Tesla Solutions has provided services for Intarcia’s three building Hayward campus for over 11 years; servicing their assets with an electrical system, access control and video surveillance.

The systems consisted of integrating AMAG access control system with a Homeland Software platform currently operating three buildings, over 80 access points; ExacqVision video surveillance system with 36 cameras, emergency response system and security alarm.

1440 Multiversity

The 1440 Multiversity’s holistically inspired 15 building learning center is nestled in the peaceful Scott’s Valley Redwood Forest on a 75-acre campus. 1440 is part conference center, part resort, part school, part retreat center, and part surprise.

Tesla Solutions was selected to provide pre-construction services, electrical engineering, PG&E coordination, electrical construction, data systems and AV systems  for the new 1440 campus.

The overall campus includes 15 extraordinary wooden timber buildings totaling over 300,000sf, five multi-story lodging buildings with over 300 guest rooms, 25,000sf auditorium, 40,000sf education building with 12 large classrooms, 25,000sf dining hall with 4,000sf commercial kitchen, 20,000sf administration building, 9,000sf mediation chapel, 12,000sf four-building spa facility with 22 treatment rooms, two retail stores, two cafes, fitness center, teaching kitchen, outdoor amphitheater, outdoor cathedral, and heated 60’ infinity spa.

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