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Overhead Underground Surface Meter Combo Load Center from Siemens is designed to use as service entrance equipment. Built for safety and easy to install.
Suitable for use only as service entrance equipment
Side-by-side construction; Surface mount, EUSERC Compliant
For Overhead or Underground feed applications

100 Amp 12-Space 24-Circuit Overhead/Underground Surface Meter Combo Load Center

SKU: 040892996807
  • Product Details

    Meter Main and Meter Load Center Combinations Siemens provides a full range of Meter Combination Load Centers and Meter Mains that are built for safety ease of installation, and long term quality. A Meter Main is a device that provides a meter socket and a main breaker, a meter combination load center provides a socket, main breaker and load center interior. Siemens has also introduced a line of solar ready Meter Combination Load Centers.
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