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Switch between 5 color options for the perfect fit for your space
Adjust your lights to a comfortable setting when using a dimmer
Suitable for indoor/outdoor use with 4 in. standard can housing

4 in. 14W=75W Square LED Can Lights 5-Color Selectable Remodel Integrated LED Re

SKU: 697333247815
  • Product Details

    LUXRITE Recessed Lighting with 5 Color Temperature Switch - The perfect solution to those that want the ability to pick the correct light for your home or business. with these LUXRITE LED recessed ceiling lights, you are offered 5 color temperature options to choose from with an easy to use switch attached to each down light. Choose from 2700K warm white, 3000K soft white, 3500K natural white, 4000K cool white or 5000K bright white with just a simple adjustment. You will also be able to brighten your home more than the standard 4 in. fixture since these lights produce 950 Lumens of bright, crisp light which is equivalent to larger fixtures. with it's low wattage usage, you'll still save on energy costs while providing more light throughout your home. Built with a lightweight design, each LED can light is easy to handle and install into your 4 in. can housings. Just use the E26 adapter to screw in your lights and push the fixture into the housing with the metal tabs for a flush to ceiling finish. You'll be able to use these downlights indoors and outdoors since each fixture is wet location rated to handle rain and damp areas, so feel free to install in soffits, eaves or even showers. Control the light output with it's smooth dimming capabilities which can go from 100% to 10% light, giving you a comfortable space every time.
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