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Great for kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, new construction
Adjust color Warm White, Soft White, Cool, Bright White, Daylight
Also for shower, bedroom, closet, hallway, stairway, basement

4 in. Canless Color Selectable Integrated LED Recessed Light Trim w/ Night Light

SKU: 849489074580
  • Product Details

    Commercial Electric 4in. Canless LED Deep Baffle Recessed Light with Night Light is the perfect light for those with sensitive eyes. The baffle trim has a ribbed interior which absorbs the light to help minimize glare and creates a softer glow reducing glare and eye strain. This is ideal for places where low light is needed such as reading nook, bedroom or rooms with a low ceiling. Benefits of canless light is there is no housing or joist required; allows you more room to work with planning your light placements. Prior to installation, choose White or Black baffles and choice of 5 color temperature of light output between Warm White to Daylight. For low ambient lighting, flip on the Night Light feature which glows a Soft Amber hue around the fixture. Our deep baffle light provides crystal-clear illumination, long-lasting light engine and is maintenance free with no bulbs required! Great for kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, basement, boutique, or restaurant.
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