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Update your home with this Commercial Electric Selectable CCT Integrated LED Recessed Trim Downlight Night Light Feature Optional Black or White Inset.
Great for kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, new construction
Adjust color Warm White, Soft White, Cool, Bright White, Daylight
Also for shower, bedroom, closet, hallway, stairway, basement

4 in. Canless Color Selectable Integrated LED Recessed Light Trim w/ Night Light

SKU: 849489071220
  • Product Details

    Commercial Electric 4in. Canless LED Deep Baffle Recessed Light with Night Light is the perfect light for those with sensitive eyes. The baffle trim has a ribbed interior which absorbs the light to help minimize glare and creates a softer glow reducing glare and eye strain. This is ideal for places where low light is needed such as reading nook, bedroom or rooms with a low ceiling. Benefits of canless light is there is no housing or joist required; allows you more room to work with planning your light placements. Prior to installation, choose White or Black baffles and choice of 5 color temperature of light output between Warm White to Daylight. For low ambient lighting, flip on the Night Light feature which glows a Soft Amber hue around the fixture. Our deep baffle light provides crystal-clear illumination, long-lasting light engine and is maintenance free with no bulbs required! Great for kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, basement, boutique, or restaurant.
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