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Create a wonderful environment to any room with the addition of this Lithonia Lighting Matte White Recessed Baffle Integrated LED Lighting Kit.
Brightness: 520 Lumens (50-Watt incandescent flood equivalent)
Life: 35,000 hours or 32 years (based on 3 hours/day)
Light appearance: 3000K (soft  white)

4 in. Matte White Recessed Baffle Integrated LED Lighting Kit

SKU: 820476905643
  • Product Details

    The LED 4 in. Recessed Matte White Baffle Kit from Lithonia Lighting makes shopping for and installing recessed downlighting easy by conveniently including a 4 in. remodel housing, decorative trim with integrated LEDs, wire nuts and a cutting stencil all in 1 box. The energy efficient integrated LEDs operate for 35,000 hours without maintenance, which means you never have to buy or change a bulb. The kit can be converted to new construction using hanger bars and construction pan accessories.
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