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Brighten your place with this Commercial Electric Ultra Low Glare Deep Baffle Color Selectable Integrated LED Recessed Dimmable Lighting Trim, Wet Rated.
Choose Black or White inserts; reduces reflection and eye strain
5 color temperatures: 2700K 3000K 3500K 4000K 5000K
10-Watts, 625 Lumens, dimmable, Wet rated, lasts 50000 hours

4 in. Ultra Low Glare Deep Baffle Selectable CCT Integrated LED Recessed Light T

SKU: 849489070377
  • Product Details

    Commercial Electric 4in. Ultra-Low Glare Deep Baffle LED Recessed Light offers anti-glare eye protection to create gentle, balanced and natural lighting on your eyes. The deep baffle shape traps and narrows the light minimizing glare and softening light output for comfortable lighting in your home or office. Prior to installation, choose from 2 interchangeable deep baffles; Black or White. Next, choose between 5 color temperatures of light output: Warm White, Soft White, Cool White, Bright White and Daylight. This fixture is easy to install and maintenance free with no bulbs to replace. Great for bedroom, kitchen, family room, living room, den/office, playroom, pantry or retail; dressing rooms or lobby.
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