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Complete lighting applications with Commercial Electric Trimless New Construction and Remodel Canless Integrated LED Recessed Light Kit with White Trim.
Wet-rated kit can be installed in indoor and outdoor spaces
Interchangeable trim lets you pick your trim style
Ideal for your shower, bathroom, kitchen, living room and more!

4 in. White Interchangeable Trim LED Integrated Trimless Recessed Lighting Kit

SKU: 058219915820
  • Product Details

    Integrated all-in-one recessed lights are the homeowners dream; perfect for value-added lighting upgrades to enhance the look of your interior with the highest quality LEDs without breaking the bank. With a low profile junction box and push and click quick connects, these lights are very easy to use. Equipped with two different trim styles, you can choose how your light looks. Ideal for new construction, the plaster trim allows you to place the light inside the plaster of your ceiling while the trimless trim sits flush in the ceiling without a decorative trim. Both allow you to create trendy pockets of light. The lights are rated 90 CRI, enhancing the appearance of the true colors, while a 3000-kelvin color temperature provides a soft white light. With ENERGY STAR Certification and lasting 50,000 hours, this LED Integrated Recessed Light lasts for years to come saving you time, energy and money.
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