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Bring visual interest to your home space with the addition of this LUXRITE LED Recessed Light JBox Selectable Plaster Downlight Dimmable Wet Rated.
Switch between 5 color options for the perfect fit for your space
Unique design that allows you to hide the trim for modern finish
Enjoy 50,000 hours of lifetime, up to 45-years based on 3 hrs/day

4" Trimless LED Recessed Light J-Box 5 Color Selectable Plaster Downlight 1000 L

SKU: 697333249581
  • Product Details

    LUXRITE Trimless LED Recessed Light - Incorporate your ceiling lights into your ceiling with the frameless recessed light design that provides a more natural feel to your space. Each LED downlight kit comes with a frame that you plaster onto the ceiling and paint over to hide the standard trim that ceiling lights typically have. Then just wire the fixture to your home wiring and insert into the ceiling. Twist lock the light into place and you not have a trimless retrofit light that is modern and offers a clean design appeal to the eye. Sometimes picking a light color for your room is also a tough decision. These recessed lights have a 5 color temperature switch which can adjust from 2700K warm white, 3000K soft white, 3500K natural white, 4000K cool white and 5000K bright white. Tune your lights during installation until your find the right fit for you. Further customize your lighting by installing these to a dimmer to smoothly adjust from 100 to 10% lighting output as any time. Built IC rated and wet location rated, makes these lights versatile to installation locations and are ideal for all spaces whether they are indoor or outdoor.
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