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Give a dazzling impact to your home with this Feit Electric Equivalent Selectable CT Integrated LED Retrofit White Trim Downlight Recessed E-STAR Dimmable.
Ultra-vibrant: Premium LEDs. The richest in-market color
Connects directly to your home Wi-Fi. No bridge or hub required
Compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Hey Google

5/6 in. 65-Watt Equivalent Multi-Color Smart Alexa/Hey Google/HomeKit/Siri Retro

SKU: 9347403004688
  • Product Details

    The 5/6-inch LIFX Color Adjustable Downlight is a complete smart lighting fixture delivering vivid LIFX color and tunable warm to cool whites everywhere in your home. Use vibrant blues to stay alert while you work from your home office. Switch to a gentle pink to enhance your feelings of calm during me-time. Then create a scene with both for a wild party vibe. And that's just with two colors - think of what you can do with billions. And let's not forget about the white color temperatures. With a range from 1500-9000K, you can wake up to warm white light, get productive with cool white light, or get the perfect mixture with anything and everything in between. The modern design fits flush with the ceiling in place of traditional can lighting. With LIFX, you don't need to commit to a hub or a whole home setup. Instead, you can keep it simple or upgrade your home at your own pace. Connect to the LIFX app with a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection for full control. Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, iOS Siri, and Cortana, LIFX lights can bring your whole home into the future. Get voice commands, visual alerts for Uber arrivals, lighting that transitions to match the weather, and automatic lighting progression to shift shades like the sun. The possibilities are endless. The LIFX Downlight produces a staggering 800 lumens from just 9.5 watts. This product is IC-4 Rated.
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