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Bring a great and wonderful addition to your home with the help of this Commercial Electric Color Temperature Selectable Integrated LED Recessed Trim.
Dimmable LED downlight IC Rated and rated to last 50,000 hours
Adjust between 5 color temperatures from warm white to daylight
Ideal for your bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom and more!

5/6 in. Color Temperature Selectable Integrated LED Recessed Trim (4-Pack)

SKU: 192968800751
  • Product Details

    The Commercial Electric 5/6 in. Color temperature select LED downlight is an easy way to upgrade your existing can lights to the sleek look of recessed lighting and LED energy efficient technology. These LED downlights are compatible with most dimmer switches and are equipped with a unique color temperature (CCT) changing technology. Now you can select your color temperature depending on your needs or preferences with the flip of a switch located on the back of the downlight. Test different color temperatures before installation and never be dissatisfied with CCT again. Color temperature of these LED downlights ranges from Warm White (2700K) to-daylight (5000K), with 3 options in between: Soft White (3000K), Neutral White (3500K) and Bright White (4000K). Using only 9-Watt of energy but produce brightness comparable to a 65-Watt incandescent bulb, these LED downlight bulbs are estimated to cost only $1.44 per-year to operate. Additionally, these LED downlights are rated to last for 50,000-hours or approximately 34-years. That is 50 times longer than a traditional incandescent BR30 lightbulb, which these downlights are used most commonly to replace. Compatible with most 5 in. and 6 in. recessed housings and equipped with a medium (E26) socket base adapter for easy installation.
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