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Lend a personal touch to your living space by choosing this LUXRITE Gimbal Recessed LED Can Lights Options Dimmable Wet Rated Equal Wet Rated.
Switch between 5 color options for the perfect fit for your space
Adjust your lights to a comfortable setting when using a dimmer
Enjoy 50,000 hours of lifetime, up to 45 years based on 3 hrs/day

5/6 in. Gimbal Recessed LED Can Lights 5 Color Options Dimmable Wet Rated 11-Wat

SKU: 697333247990
  • Product Details

    LUXRITE Gimbal LED Recessed Lighting - A retrofit lighting kit that is easy to install into your existing can housing and has 5 color options that you can switch between during installation to find the perfect color for your space. Switch between 2700K warm white, 3000K soft white, 3500K natural white, 4000K cool white, and 5000K bright white for a truly customizable experience. The adjustable center "eyeball" allows for a 30° tilt in either direction and can rotate 358°, so you can choose how you want to use your light. With the smooth trim design, each fixture gives a sleek appearance and is perfect for modern spaces. Whether you are doing a home remodel or working with a new construction, these lights make lighting up your space fast and easy. Every LED downlight allows you to control the light output by being able to dim from 100% to 10%. Set your light according to your mood and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, every time. Built with an astounding 50,000-hour lifetime so you won't have to think about replacing your light for the next 45 years, based on 3 hrs/day usage. Get high quality home lighting with zero flickering, zero delay, and zero worries.
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