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Provide an essential and ultimate addition to your electrical application with this EnviroLite Soft White Integrated LED Recessed Baffle Trim in Bronze.
Bronze Finish LED Recessed Trim in Warm White 3000K at 90 CRI
Produces 700 Lumens at 65Watt using 8.3 Watts
LED Recessed Trim with 50,000 Life Hours and 5 Year Warranty

5 in./6 in. 3000K Soft White Integrated LED Recessed CEC-T20 Baffle Trim in Bron

SKU: 046335094178
  • Product Details

    EnviroLite LED lights are designed to save you money in residential and commercial lighting applications when you switch from light bulbs to these energy saving LED light fixtures. These recessed ceiling lights use 85% less electricity to produce the same amount of light as incandescent light bulbs. This model of recessed downlight comes with a trim ring. This feature makes it easy to repaint your ceiling without masking over the lights. Because the LED light source is built into the light fixture and made to last for over 30-years, you don't have to get on a ladder to replace light bulbs ever. These LED lights are built for use in wet locations. They install in minutes with no tools and no wiring. EnviroLite recessed ceiling lights can be used in ceilings with or without insulation, and they are compatible with most LED rated dimmers. Each ceiling light comes with an air tight gasket to seal off the area around the trim to prevent losses of air conditioning and heat, saving you even more. These lights are ENERGY STAR listed and backed by a 5-year warranty.
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