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Give style to your space with Commercial Electric T20 Smart Selectable CCT Integrated LED Recessed Light Trim Manage with HUBSPACE Google Amazon.
Wireless control with Hubspace App, Google and Alexa
Select from shade of white or full color spectrum light
Combine lights into custom groups, set schedule, voice control

5 in./6 in. T20 Smart Color Selectable CCT Integrated LED Recessed Light Trim Po

SKU: 849489072432
  • Product Details

    Commercial Electric 6 in. T20 Compliant SMART LED Recessed Light Trim with Hubspace App is an innovative and entertaining way to illuminate your space. Create subdued romantic lighting or express your dramatic flair. Perfect for holidays, celebrations or whatever your current mood; turn lights down low to a cool blue hue or having a party; turn lights to a popping red, orange or yellow. Set up and manage your device with the Hubspace App which is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa; no HUB required. Now you are ready to create your own unique colorful lighting ambiance. Choose shade of white (2200K-6500K) or select from a full color spectrum. You can even group multiple lights together to control them from up to 30 ft. in your home. For even more convenience, you can set up for voice activation. Ideal for home, office, entertainment areas, restaurant, retail, boutique and much more.
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