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Upgrade the look of your dwelling with the addition of this durable Commercial Electric LED Color Changing Recessed Trim with Smart Light Switch.
Hub-free smart LED downlight solution with 3 memory settings
Adjust brightness and color temperature via remote control
Ideal for your shower, bathroom, kitchen, living room and more!

5 in. and 6 in. LED Recessed Trim with Adjustable Color Changing Technology and

SKU: 192968500408
  • Product Details

    These Commercial Electric Integrated LED downlights are the easy way to upgrade your home with customizable connected lighting. Use the included remote to turn the lights on or off, choose the lumen output and select the color temperature that meets your unique preferences. One remote can control up to 20 light fixtures and has 3 memory settings that record your favorite light settings. Equipped with tunable white color temperature, each fixture can emit between 2700K (Soft White) to 5000K (Daylight) with all the options in between so you can find the color temperature that is perfect for your space. These integrated LED fixtures are dimmable between 45 Lumens (low light) to 900 Lumens, which is equivalent to a 75-Watt incandescent light bulb. Truly customizable, versatile, easy to install and use, these integrated LED downlights are the easy way to experience the benefits of customizable lighting without a big investment. Compatible with most 5 and 6 in. recessed cans. Equipped with medium (E26) screw in base. 5-year warranty.
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