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Illuminate your home in simple, minimalist style with the selection of Feit Electric White Round Flat Panel J-Box Integrated LED Recessed Trim Downlight.
Energy used: 12-Watts; Brightness: 800-Lumens
Easy to install average life of 50,000 hours/45.7 years
Maintenance-Free Dimmable LED, No bulbs required

6 in. 75W Equivalent 3000K Bright White Canless Dimmable Integrated LED Retrofit

SKU: 017801477733
  • Product Details

    The Edgelit Flat panel 6 in. white canless dimmable retrofit Integrated J-Box LED Recessed Light Kit makes it easy to add downlights anywhere you want. No need for an existing recessed can or junction box in the ceiling and replaces 6 in. recessed light. Simply cut a hole in the drywall based on the instruction sheet dimension stated, run your Romex cable from the direct line voltage to our can less retrofit kit through the knockout to the quick connect terminal, daisy chain additional Romex from the quick connect through the knockout to your next can less retrofit kit, then push the spring-loaded clips through your existing hole. The springs will pull up on the retrofit kit for an airtight seal. The load profile design makes it the perfect option for low plenum clearance for indoor and outdoor residential, hospitality, commercial and multifamily applications with confined, hard to reach spaces such as closets, attics, bathrooms, hallways, stairwells, elevators, soffits, porches and entry ways. The light features built-in white trim, 110° beam angle, produces 800 lumens of 3000K Bright White light using only 12 watts - up to 84% less energy than an equivalent 75-watt incandescent light bulb. A 90+ CRI light makes colors vibrant and skin tones look more natural. With an average life span of up to 50,000 hours/45.6 years based on 3 hours use/day, this light is durable and saving you replacement costs and time. It is also Energy Star certified and CEC Title 24 compliant.
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