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Get the perfect lighting for your home space with this Commercial Electric Lumen and Color Changeable Integrated LED Recessed Downlight Retro Fit Trim.
Customize up to 30 light configurations in one recessed trim
Choose 5 white color options, 3 brightness levels and 2 baffles
Ideal for vaulted, sloped or slanted ceilings, grand entry rooms

6 in. Selectable Integrated LED Recessed Trim Downlight 30 Configurations in One

SKU: 849489003344
  • Product Details

    Commercial Electric's customizable 6in LED Recessed Trim Light has 30 light configurations in ONE fixture! With 5 color temperature light output options, 3 lumen brightness settings, 2 baffle/trim colors = 30 different configurations! This provides you the control, flexibility and design to fine-tune color and brightness. It offers high ceiling output up to 15 feet using 1100 Lumens of brightness; a perfect solution for large spaces that require maximum lumen output. Ideal for vaulted ceilings, grand entry ways, sloped or slanted ceilings, large kitchen, bathrooms, basement, office, retail stores, restaurants, entertainment spaces. This light is easy to install, lasts 50x longer than incandescent bulbs and is maintenance free with no bulb to replace. Everything is at your finger tips with just a flip of a switch.
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