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Choose Night Light feature and 5 color temperature options
Night light emits 2000K Soft Amber glow for added ambiance
8-Watt, 670 Lumens, wet rated, lasts 50,000 hours continued use

6 in. Selectable Integrated LED Recessed Trim Downlight with Night Light Trim Fe

SKU: 849489071190
  • Product Details

    Commercial Electric 6in. Integrated LED Recessed Downlight with Night Light feature and adjustable White light output, replaces your outdated incandescent lights with an energy-efficient LED fixture. Prior to installation, choose between 5 color temperatures of light output from Warm White to Daylight depending on your location and activities. Use the Night Light feature which emits a Soft Amber glow around the fixture providing warm ambient lighting. It is perfect so you don't have to walk into a dark house, low lighting for children's room or winding down for the evening. With crystal-clear illumination, there is no yellowing, discoloration or dark spots over time. No more worries about climbing a ladder or hiring an electrician to change light bulbs, this is maintenance free; no bulbs required. Great for kitchen, pantry, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, stairways, hallways, basement, laundry room, craft room, playroom, den/office, retail store or boutique.
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