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Prepare yourself to conquer all your work projects at ease with the help of this Eaton CH Circuit Indoor Convertible Main Loadcenter with Surge Protection.
Includes surge protector, CHSPT2ULTRA, and 2-pole circuit breaker
Bottom or top feed for straight-in wiring
Single keyhole at top and bottom for easy mounting and leveling

CH 225 Amp 32-Circuit Indoor Convertible Main Loadcenter with Surge Protection

SKU: 782116200115
  • Product Details

    Due to the evolution of electronics and microprocessors in the home, there is a continuous challenge to provide quality (clean) power for electronic loads such as appliances, computers/home office and entertainment systems. Surges caused by lightning, utility grid switching and other sources travel on current carrying conductors throughout the home, which can affect and destroy sensitive electronic loads. Eaton offers a comprehensive family of surge products for use at service entrances. These products can help protect sensitive electronics against the damaging effects of surges.
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