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Provide a smarter way to manage your home by using this LECTRON Energy Meter Power Consumption Meter for the VBOX EV Charging Station Track Your Electricity Usage.
Lets you monitor energy consumption.
Easy to read LCD display and easily customize the settings.
Exclusively for the Lectron V-Box.

Energy Meter - 100 Amp Power Consumption Meter for the V-BOX EV Charging Station

SKU: 4895230318065
  • Product Details

    This LECTRON Energy Meter measures the power consumption of the LECTRON V-BOX charging station, letting you better track your electricity usage. It has a high amp max of up to 100A, so it can easily be used with the LECTRON V-BOX with an output of 48A. It has an easy to read LCD display, showing the total value, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency and more. It also has easily adjustable settings, letting you customize the password, timer, backlight, and other features. This energy meter is designed exclusively for the LECTRON V-BOX. (White).
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