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Provide a smarter way to manage your home by using this Unbranded EV Charger Type Cable J Wallmounted EVSE Wallbox Charging Station for Electric Vehicle Car.

EV Charger 50A 12KW Type1 19.6 ft. Cable J1772 Socket Wallmounted EVSE Wallbox

SKU: 761016865549
  • Product Details

    This EV charger has adjustable amperage (13 Amp/16 Amp/25 Amp/32 Amp/40 Amp/50 Amp) and allows for a variety of charging methods such as fast charging and slow charging. 50 Amp AC charging post supports indoor and outdoor installation and use and usually takes about 6-hours to fully charge an electric vehicle, it can usually travel 50 km to 100 km per hour on average, it is applicable to all SAE J1772 standards. The station is made of aluminum body and alloy plate, which is more robust. Push button start mode, easy to install.
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