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Provide an essential upgrade to your car with the addition of this affordable Schumacher Electric Schumacher NEMA Charger.
Level 2 EV charging with up to 50 amps of power (when hardwired)
Charges up to eight times faster than Level 1 chargers
Monitor charging and operation from the SchuPower™ app

EV Level 2 with NEMA 6-50 plug, 40-Amp 240-Volt EV Wall Charger, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

SKU: 0026666836005
  • Product Details

    EV owners overwhelmingly prefer charging their EVs at home over fast, but inconvenient commercial chargers. With the Schumacher SEV1600P650 NEMA 6-50 Level 2 EV Wall Charger they can enjoy fast charging at home. The Schumacher SEV1600P650 NEMA 6-50 Level 2 EV Wall Charger has a configurable current up to 40A (50A if hardwired), allowing the unit to charge up to eight times faster than standard Level 1 EV chargers. The included charging gun with an SAE-J1772 (universal) connector is compatible with most North American EVs. Tesla® vehicles will need an adapter (sold separately). The charger is also easy to use. Simply plug the charging gun into your EV’s charging port and charging is automatic. Integrated Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® then let you connect to the SchuPower™ app to monitor charging. A low-profile design and built-in cord management with the flexible cable cradle prevent the unit from cluttering up your garage, giving you plenty of clearance when pulling a vehicle into or out of the space. There is also an interchangeable dock with dual docking capability letting you customize your usage for your comfort and convenience. A 25-foot charging cable allows you to easily charge vehicles parked in your garage or driveway whether your charger is installed indoors or outdoors. The Schumacher SEV1600P650 Level 2 EV Wall Charger must be installed by a licensed electrician. Any changes to the wall charger’s electrical settings must also be made by a licensed electrician.
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