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Provide a smarter way to manage your home by using this ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle Charger WiFi NEMA Indoor Outdoor cable.
Level 2 EV Charger Wi-Fi Enabled to track electricity usage
Charges most EV vehicles 9X faster than a normal wall outlet
ChargePoint app helps manage home and public charging

Home Flex Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger 16 to 50 Amp 240-Volt Wi-Fi NEMA 14-50

SKU: 852941006623
  • Product Details

    A wall outlet just doesn't cut it anymore. Add up to 37 miles of Range Per Hour to your EV with ChargePoint Home Flex, the fast, flexible, and future-proof 240-Volt Level 2 home charger that delivers up to 50 Amps of charging speed. Most drivers will use 32 or 40 Amps. 48 or 50 Amps will give you the fastest charge, but may require electrical upgrades. Use the ChargePoint app to easily manage all of your home and public charging all in one place.
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