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Upgrade your power system with Square D Homeline 30-Space 60-Circuit Indoor Main Breaker Qwik-Grip Plug-On Neutral Load Center with Cover - Value Pack.
More space with Plug-on Panels, monitor energy with Wiser Energy
Use Square D Homeline breakers, Track energy with the Sense app
Includes Homeline breakers, cover, bus bar, Wiser monitor, Surge

Homeline 200 Amp 30-Space 60-Circuit Indoor Main Breaker Qwik-Grip Plug-On

SKU: 785901633501
  • Product Details

    Square D's Homeline 200 Amp 30-Space 60-Circuit Indoor Main Breaker Qwik-Grip Plug-On Neutral Panel, Wiser Energy Monitor, Surge offering includes a cover, Homeline breakers, the Wiser Energy Monitor and a whole house Surge Device. The panel is UL listed for residential and commercial uses. This load center is built with a tin plated, aluminum bus bar that is tested, listed and compatible with Homeline circuit breakers. Homeline load centers are engineered for fast installation and wire savings. Manage your home's energy in real-time with the Wiser Energy Smart Home Monitor. Wiser Energy notifies you when devices are on are off tracks your home's energy sources. The Wiser Energy Monitor is compatible with any single phase 120-Volt, 240-Volt electrical panels up to 200A. The Square D Homeline Plug-on Neutral Surge Protective Device (SPD) is a compact and affordable surge suppressor designed for installation into Homeline Plug-on Neutral residential load centers and CSED's. This device reduces surges that might otherwise overwhelm plug strips and damage connected household equipment. It also provides surge suppression for important items that are not compatible with plug strips such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves and lighting. It is estimated, that modern homes have up to $15,000 worth of electronics and may experience up to 100 surges per month that can degrade or damage your electronics shortening their life. Homeline Load center Plug-on Neutral SPDs.
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