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Less wiring, clean gutter, fast installation with Plug-On Neutral
Compatible with any Square D Homeline circuit breaker
Includes combination flush/surface cover and aluminum bus bar

Homeline 225 Amp 42-Space 84-Circuit Indoor Convertible Main Breaker Plug-On Neu

SKU: 785901976271
  • Product Details

    The Homeline load center offer features Homeline circuit breakers, ground fault circuit breakers and arc fault interrupters. Homeline load centers enable the use of a full complement of accessories. Systems are single phase and are rated for indoor use or are rain proof. Homeline load centers are designed for residential and industrial use to protect electrical systems, equipment and people. This Homeline load center has a 2-pole plug on neutral main supply circuit breaker that is rated at 225 Amp 120-Volt/240-Volt AC single phase. Homeline load center provides a 22 kA breaking capacity. This system provides 42 spaces in a NEMA 1 indoor enclosure with a combination flush/surface indoor cover. The electrical connections are box lugs. The box lugs will accept a wire range of 4 AWG to 250 kcmil copper or 4 AWG to 300 kcmil aluminum wire. This Homeline load center has a 39.37 in. H, 14.25 in. W and 3.74 in. D. Homeline load centers are UL Listed. HOM Homeline load centers are UL Listed.
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