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Provide luster and sparkle to your lighting project by selecting this HALO HLBQL Lumens Canless Integrated LED Recessed Light Downlight Trim Selectable CCT White.
No housing or j-box needed with Halo Canless recessed lighting
Kit includes one driver and 4 Canless LED downlights
Recessed lighting suitable for use in both wet/dry environment

QuickLink 4 in. 600 Lumens 2700K-5000K Canless Integrated LED Recessed Light, Do

SKU: 080083190102
  • Product Details

    The HALO QuickLink Low Voltage Lighting System is a system of canless LED downlights powered by a single driver. With this system, installers no longer need to wire each downlight separately. The HALO QuickLink is the perfect solution for lighting an entire room and will save up to 85% installation time compared to standard downlights.
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